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After subscribing to Village Press's The Home Shop Machinist in 1997, Mike Warner, President, recognized the need for hobbyists to have access to Industrial Quality Tooling at competitive prices.
Our Indexable Turning Tool Set was first introduced in July of 1998. Since the introduction, we have expanded our sizes of Turning Tool Sets, introduced 2 sizes of Indexable Boring Bar Kits, a Profiling Kit and a Threading Kit with the appreciated input from numerous Home Shop Machinists. Our latest kits, designed for grooving, have been very well received in both hobbiest and manufacturing markets.
Our kits contain T-15 HSS throw-away inserts. Most machinists are familiar with "Steel" toolbits and Carbide inserts, and now they can achieve the convenience of indexability while using a cutting material which is typically better suited for their smaller lathes and milling machines.
Overall, we consider T-15 HSS to be the best grade of readily available HSS for wear resistance, toughness, and hot hardness.

Use T-15 HSS for:

  • Interrupted Cuts
  • Underpowered Spindles
  • Gummy material like stainless, aluminum, and brass
  • Less than rigid setups

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