Arthur Richard (Dick) Warner, former General Superintendent of Latrobe Steel Company, founded this company in 1961. As a graduate from Aviation Machinist School, Packard Engine School, and P.T. Boat Familiarization School, the Navy had taught him the skills he needed. Dick served his duration of World War II in the Pacific as Machinist’s Mate First Class aboard P.T. Squadrons 3, 4, 8, and 11 gaining the knowledge and experience. As a skilled craftsman himself, his vision of High Speed Steel manufacturing was able to quickly come to life. Dick Warner passed on March 14, 2006 after many years of hard work and dedication to his business.

In 2005, Michael Warner took over his father’s business and continued to expand the company all while providing excellent customer service and expansive technical and mechanical knowledge of High Speed Steel. Mike worked side by side with every single employee treating each one like they were his own family. He was continuously looking to improve our work operations, equipment and facilities and to provide prompt answers to our customer needs.

Sadly on September 05, 2012 Mike Warner passed away. He brightened many lives including those of his employees and customers.

Mike’s vision and fore sight for the Company continues to this day, with Roxanne Warner as our President. We continue to grow and expand to meet our customers’ needs, providing products manufactured with the same quality and craftsmanship that Dick Warner established in 1961. Our customers and employees will remain a part of our family just as they have always been.