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Standard inserts:
•Made out of High Speed Steel AISI T-15
•Excel at Slow Surface speed operations
•Interrupted Cuts 
•Machining extreme materials
•Titanium Alloys, Inconel, Waspalloy, Plastics
•Super sharp edge
•Fits standard Carbide holders
Our High Speed Steel inserts may be the answer to many machining problems where other materials fail by chipping or breakage. High Speed Steel performs at slow surface speeds while providing a good surface finish, without chipping or breaking. This is in part because High Speed Steel inserts cut rather than fracture the metal like other materials.

Our inserts are available in three ways:
•Standard finished inserts which are made to fit standard turning and milling holders
•Standard semi-finished blanks which are finished ground on thickness and oversize .010/.015 
on periphery
•Custom inserts

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